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    slide05.jpgYou are church before you do church. This is one of the fueling insights of the missional church movement. This isn't a new idea...but it is pretty provocative, especially when one considers its implications. If we take Jesus at his word when he says (as recorded in John 20:21) "as the Father has sent me, I am sending you," then we realize that our being sent is the basis of our "doing" church. In oth...

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Discipleship and Leadership
There was No King in Israel PDF Print Write e-mail
Friday, 22 February 2008 00:41



"In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes."  Judges 21:25

You may have heard this scripture read as descriptive of a problem to be solved by establishing a king and often the person reading it is presenting themselves as the king that you need to submit to in order to solve the problem!    In reality it is simply two statements placed side by side.  It was true that there was no king in Israel.  It was  true that everyone was doing whatever he pleased.

О священстве… PDF Print Write e-mail
Sunday, 30 September 2007 16:52
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Анти Гордон PDF Print Write e-mail
Tuesday, 25 September 2007 01:13
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The One Pastor System-Biblical or Not? PDF Print Write e-mail
Thursday, 06 September 2007 01:48

27ce.jpgEditors Note:

This is a very challenging article that asks some very good questions. It may make some pastors very uncomfortable, and at first read you may not fully agree with what is written here because of what you have seen and experienced.

Our hope is that this article will simply motivate you to study freshly the topic of leadership in the local church. The questions before us are not about model or method, but more importantly-does the way we lead our churches magnify Christ as the Head and allow for the true practice of the priesthood of all believers? Does the way we view leadership limit the multiplication of disciples and churches?

May we be open to allow God to speak to us freshly.

Why Less is More: Advantages of Simple Churches PDF Print Write e-mail
Thursday, 05 July 2007 17:09

In our quest to be part of a powerful move of God's kingdom, we often are tempted to think the solution will come from a complex composite of things that produce the results we so desperately long for. We cry out to the heavens for a solution that will finally change the church forever. Many travel every year to new seminars and conferences, buying the latest books and binders full of new methods in our search for the answer. The primal scream of our hearts is a search for spiritual success that will ultimately change the world. To our query of the universe, Albert Einstein once commented, "When the solution is simple, God is answering." In this article, we will describe the practical ways our team-Church Multiplication Associates-has used to multiply and network house churches that saturate neighborhoods and nations with the message of Jesus Christ.

Simple Church Basics - What About Leadership? PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 28 May 2007 16:43

If we are going to transition from church-as-we-know-it (a box) to a dynamic Spirit-filled movement, we will also have to transition from leadership-as-we-know-it to something else.

Alan Creech says the WHOLE thing has to be reinvented:

I mean full-time, paid staff pastors who preach every Sunday and do pretty much all the ministry and stress themselves silly over every little thing in the community. I think this will kill us if we keep this up. It's beginning to happen, but we've really got to re-envision what it means to be a pastor, leader, elder, whatever in our new churches. I don't think we can afford to keep the old pastoral paradigm alive any more. We can't do that and expect to happen what we want to happen in these communities.

The Guy-Preaching vs. Discipleship PDF Print Write e-mail
Saturday, 28 April 2007 00:17

For true success in missional churches one of the key issues comes down to "the people". I still remember talking years ago with one of my mentors. I asked him,

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