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    slide06.jpgLet us begin with a very important fact. The goal of the site is not to criticize traditional or institutional churches. Yes, some of the articles make comparisons and some of the writers do strongly question traditional practices. However, those of us who have created this site did so for several reasons:

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    slide05.jpgYou are church before you do church. This is one of the fueling insights of the missional church movement. This isn't a new idea...but it is pretty provocative, especially when one considers its implications. If we take Jesus at his word when he says (as recorded in John 20:21) "as the Father has sent me, I am sending you," then we realize that our being sent is the basis of our "doing" church. In oth...

  • What is an Organic Church?

    slide04.jpg Organic Church. I've been using this term for around fifteen years now. Today it's become somewhat of a clay word, being molded and shaped to mean a variety of different things by a variety of different people.

    T. Austin-Sparks is the man who deserves credit for this term. Here's his definition:

Principles of Simple Church
The Day of Small Beginnings PDF Print Write e-mail
Wednesday, 16 May 2007 01:15

Earlier this year I heard a message  entitled Not by Might, Nor by Power from Zechariah 4:1-14.

This phrase which bounces around in Christian circles- "not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord" has held great power through the ages. That was the first point of the sermon- It is about the Holy Spirit. He must be at the center of things. We can't do anything without Him. Our dependence must be on His guidance, not our own. This was a great reminder....

Listening to God as a Church- Making Jesus the Head PDF Print Write e-mail
Sunday, 13 May 2007 00:26

In Alcoholics Anonymous, The 12 Steps are read out loud at every meeting.

For those of us who are still in detox from programmatic Christianity, there is value in repeating what we have said before:  the simple church revolution (reformation?) is not about doing conventional church in a home. It's not "Honey, I shrunk the church!"  It's not 20 minutes of singing, 30 minutes of Bible study, 10 minutes of prayer and then refreshments.  (Or, any other prepackaged way of meeting.)

"OK.  If it's not about that, what is it about?"

What do we mean by 'simple church'? PDF Print Write e-mail
Tuesday, 08 May 2007 01:44

Some call them house churches. Some call them organic churches. Some call them simple churches. We prefer to just call them churches. They are rapidly multiplying, simple communities of believers, meeting in homes, offices, campuses, wherever God is moving. This is the pattern common to many parts of the globe, and is now becoming more and more common in the U.S. as well.

Moving beyond church services PDF Print Write e-mail
Saturday, 28 April 2007 00:15
Moving beyond church services

Editors Note:
Every day new visitors are coming to our site. In order to expose them to some of our best articles, and to create fresh discussion among those of us who have been active on the site a long time, we will from time to time repost an past article like this one. This article has been a favorite of many people. We invite you to read it for the first time or read it again. Take a moment to add your thoughts and commentary and let's learn together how we can honor and magnify Jesus and join Him in building His kingdom.

This drives pastors crazy because we know it's true.

Regular church services are most of what some churches do. Close to half of my week as a pastor is spent preparing for services. Most congregations structure their buildings around space for services. When we say that we're going to church, we're really talking about attending a service. If we cut back what we do as a church, the last thing we'd ever cut is our regular church service.

Simple Church Basics - Part 1: What Is Church? PDF Print Write e-mail
Friday, 27 April 2007 23:49

Our first challenge in grasping what God intends church to be, is to stop looking at it through the lens of our background and through the lens of 2,000 years of "church" as a formal institution.

What is an Organic Church? PDF Print Write e-mail
Friday, 27 April 2007 23:32

Organic Church. I've been using this term for around fifteen years now. Today it's become somewhat of a clay word, being molded and shaped to mean a variety of different things by a variety of different people.

Shaping of things to come PDF Print Write e-mail
Sunday, 22 April 2007 17:45

Ukraine is a European country; yet its spiritual history is quite different from Europe.  Europe is Western and a bastion of both Christendom and post modernism, which has brought Christianity to a comatose state in most of Europe.

How to Prepare for Simple Church PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 16 April 2007 21:10

Years of sitting in traditional church has not prepared us to do church in the manner described in the New Testament. We have been taught to come. To sit. To watch and listen to what others have prepared. (Someone described it as "sit, soak and sour".) This is Spectator Church. And it is no way to train believers to be priests!

By contrast, the churches described in the Bible engaged in Participatory Church. This kind of church requires preparation on the part of all of it's members. This is new. We haven't been taught how to do this.

About the Site PDF Print Write e-mail
Saturday, 14 April 2007 12:19

All across the world, people are gathering in small groups to serve and worship God, be family, and encourage and affect each others lives.  These gatherings are called by many names including simple church, organic church, and house church.  Whatever you call it, the people involved value incarnational ministry to the lost, living radically for Jesus and each other, and are willing to get rid of anything that gets in the way of being fully devoted followers of Christ. 

So this site is not about promoting a model or strategy, but to encourage a return to the simple call that Jesus gave to all of us to be and make disciples. More and more believers are awakening to the fact that in many cases we have made our churches so complex that we have obscured the importance of having Christ as Head of His Church and Jesus as Lord of our lives, and we have lost the simplicity of making disciples of Jesus.

We pray that God would use this site to encourage, envision, and also to connect, report and resource these new groups. If you are starting or already a part of a simple or organic church and would like to learn together with us please go to the contact page and send us your information.

Special Note: The simple (or organic) church movement is made of all kinds of people from all kinds of denominations and backgrounds. We have tried to primarily present articles that are written from a positive viewpoint. Some writers(and also bloggers, and other participants of our site), however, present their ideas in a strong contrast to more traditional views of church. We do not want to offend our readers. It would, however, not be appropriate for us to edit these articles, so instead we present them in their entirety so that each reader can get a full understanding of what different people are saying and decide for himself how these principles and thoughts apply to their own situation.

We don’t expect you to agree with every word you read here, and neither do we. However, it is important that we join this global dialogue that is occurring, so that we can discern what God is speaking to us both as individuals and as churches. Read, pray, dialogue, and may God speak to us all about how we can be the disciples and bride He has called us to be.

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